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It’s time for a long depressing text post, just a fair warning.

Hey. Hi. Hello. It’s been awhile, yeah?

So, I’m aware that my blog (and my youtube channel) have both been lacking content of any kind. There’s a few reasons behind this, the major one my new promotion at work. (Yaywoohooawesome. Notfuckingreally.)

While yes, it is a promotion, and yes that will look good on my resume, the training is absolutely terrible. The hours are ridiculous 2:30-11pm, everyone in the class are giant fucking assholes and all but one or two hate me. I don’t know why and I don’t really care..I just know that it depresses me and the hours are killing what little social life I did have. My friends have all found new friends or are too busy for me (even on the weekends, when they fucking know that is the ONLY time I have free) yet they say how much they miss me. It’s a two way street mother fucker. My free time is literally spent here at the house, I don’t leave (mainly because theres nothing in this god forsaken town to do).

Whatever, I fucking hate everything and everyone.